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Blog # 2 My Letter To Kobe Bryant (Pre-Retirement From a Fan)

Dated : 4/13/2016

Dear Kobe Bryant,

Even though you're not gonna ever read this lol when I meet you again I would show u this letter to you and hang this up in my studio when I get big soon in this entertainment industry. but this letter is also to myself to inspire me for years to come. To never quit, Never give up, Eliminate Distraction, Embrace the hate, Never think average, Think of accomplishing the impossible, embrace negative and how to overcome fear. me and my family which are my biggest heroes has suffered and dealt with all of those things for years and people asked me "Why do I love kobe so much" Well... I'm looking at what I can do when I become successful. Have the mindset that kobe had. You lived the life that God has called you to live. And the key word that I was taught from my parents is "Faith" Faith got you to this point in being arguably the greatest player that has ever picked up a basketball. Even if you don't go down as #1 just being in a discussion to argue your name with the greats such as Michael Jordan, The Oscar Robinsons, Wilts, Bill Russells, The magic's the Dr.J's. That translates into me "How cool would it be to have my name brought up with top producers that got all the grammys and all the plaques." My popps used to school me on game about the old school cats that made a name for themselves now when I have kids one day I'm gonna tell my kids how I got to watch kobe bryant, I got to meet kobe bryant. My kids one day are gonna go "how ?" "Check out my autograph collection. I got signatures and pics to prove it" aha isn't that a blessing. I went to his basketball camp. I saw him put up 45 and 50. when me and my dad went to see the lakers baseline front row next to the laker girls lol :) The best games were the road games. I have mad memories of going to a road game in memphis in the mid 2000s and everyone hated you. I heard so many things that I don't wanna repeat the hate was so strong and you put up 40.. I was so happy to be the only guy in the crowd wearing a laker jersey that night. I grew up a bulls fan in my early childhood and obsessed with michael jordan. Its crazy how I actually watched the back end of michael Jordan's career and watched your whole career. crazy how my biggest influences have left a big impact on my life so much. I had a dream since I was 5 I wanted to meet michael jordan and have a conversation with him and I had about as many conversations with him as I was blessed to have. Now my next goal is to pick your brain about success which I will one of these days. the impact you left on basketball is something I would take with me in my music career. I usually look at basketball as a tool to better my life. The way you worked hard day in and day out inspired me to have that same energy when I go into a recording studio. when I go to college, when I take risk. You and my popps taught me being selfish is not all so bad after all. I used to get clowned on at high school cause everyone said I was too much on kobe... not knowing I was taking notes and I'm having that imagination of being great in music just like kobe was in basketball.... why I don't listen to close minded people rather that be coaches, teachers or average peeps that don't think outside of the box. I have 10 influential people on my list and I'm glad I got to meet 2 of them so far and thats you and michael jordan. I have a bigger out look on how life can be when you put the work and time in into your craft.

Bishop T.D. Jakes said.. your destiny leaves you clues... My clues come from studying the greats!...

congrats on retirement!!! #MAMBADAY

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