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RIP To Mac Miller (Late Post) The Soul will Live on.

Addiction and Depression can come from the smallest thing that nobody will never understand. For Example, Such as "Heartbreak" Your girl moved on or met another guy. That shxt isn't just easy to just "you're man enough to get over it." That thing you find really little can be the trigger to make a person want to drive their car off of the bridge any second just because. And the story line is gonna be, "He or she was so happy and had a perfect life ahead of them, too soon." When someone should of been open enough to understand this person's problem that you find small is big as hell for them. Our own industry especially Hip Hop encouraging drugs and violence hasn't helped Hip Hop evolve at all ever since Pac and Biggie died. its been over 20 years and nothing has progressed. We mourning for Mac but just 12 hours later, We're Mocking a Nicki and Cardi B beef and wonder why artists are depressed every second. Regular lives are very rare when you get to the destination. Appreciate your process.. Thats the MF dream. If you're depressed or stressed. God has given you a positive thought at least 100 of them every 5 minutes. if that positive thought is talking to someone that you think you can trust just be open. EVEN if they tell your business, you're gonna get talked about anyway.. But just let that shxt out. Stop letting people make you think.. You gotta be CAREFUL who you talk to and blah blah blah.. You gotta use WISDOM on how you handle things because being careful has kept people so boxed and afraid to let out their problems to a person that is willing to listen. I've been praying for every artist in this industry. And I'm keeping people like Demi Lovato and Bow Wow, and others like Nicki & Cardi B in my prayers. Artists go through more than what you see on TMZ and these blogs on IG that yaw won’t stop reading. I’m praying for Kanye West. Visionaries don’t operate life like you do. Its easy for you to mock a person when you don’t have 19 to 21 hour days. Kanye West got into a almost fatal car accident Years ago because he spent hours and hours in the studio trying to put his passion and heart into his music and that caused him losing sleep a lot of nights. Entertaining is what people want but the depression will be there at some point from the SMALLEST thing. “I have all this success but I don’t think I’m good enough to be married because this girl don’t like rappers without tattoos.” But you’re a millionaire! But to this person that doesn’t just see money as his only route to success, he’s depressed because its something he sees that you will never understand. Just my advice for you guys for the remaining of 2018. Try to understand what people see before you shoot it down or judge it. Its a reason why people have addictions. Out of 7 Billion people in the world. Only 1% will understand. And thats fine. :) Blessed up! This message is inspired by one of the Hip Hop Legends of our generation RIP Mac Miller!

Everybody is addicted to some type of Drug in their lives. (Sex, Thought Of Sex, Alcohol, Social Media, Gossip, Distraction, Etc.) It wouldn’t hurt to understand what people see through their own lens before you shut it down. Some people have to run to this addiction to stop themselves from killing themselves. A woman that has been raped at a young age from her own family member, thinks she needs to run to sex a lot because she has to release that scar. But before you called her a Hoe, did you not take the time to understand her struggle ?

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