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I’m officially a college graduate

So This is to my heroes

My mom especially on

Mother’s Day. ❤️🌹🌹

since elementary school

You guys had to fight mentally to

Get people to get off my back

About my “learning habits.”

People thought I wasn’t like the other kids,

my principal at the time told you guys,

I had to go on medication because he “Thought”

I had behavioral problems.

When my teachers kept

Calling you guys up to the school

Because they said, I had to be

Enrolled in “special needs” classes.

All before the 5th grade

As a parent and a mother, that’s stressful

To hear negative things about your

son. Your black son I might add.

This degree was really for my grandmother (It still is) but I

Also wanted to dedicate this to my Parents. My mom especially on Mother’s Day!

God is Good!! For a supporting mother Love you Mom mom!!! I know you happy and smiling down on your grandson!! I did it!!

#STARTUP!Terrie Rimson Bishop Rimson


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