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Producer/Artist interview with American Idol's Background Vocalist, Brandon Winbush

Welcome to my March 2020 updates on my website. I hope you guys are doing well and safe since we're experiencing something bizarre with this quarantine week or weeks.

This month I’m gonna continue my journey as a producer and artist while working on future projects that I will announce in the near future. And also will include how I’m living normally.

As of now, I’ve been preparing to produce another album and also put out my own Production Albums. One guy that I’ve met when I was 11 years old when I first moved to California was a singer named, Brandon Winbush who has performed on stage and recorded with every major artist you can think of. When we first met he was currently recording and on the road with gospel artist, Kurt Carr & the Kurt Carr singers. Then later on he went from doing gospel to performing on hit records with Teddy Riley & DJ Quik for one of Snoop Dogg's albums. As a kid growing up, I grew up admiring DJ Quik and to hear him on a record that Quik & Teddy Produced was something I brag about till this day. The song happened to be called “Those Gurlz”.

Since then, I’ve watched Brandon train me and take me in as his little brother for years on being a great musician, producer and also person in general. Which as a creative, its important for life to happen before you make magic happen right? From that, when I got older I've started to understand the meaning of life and artistry as a whole. And now that he is currently gearing up to do background work on American idol, I had to get a interview with him before he got too busy. But since we’re all on lockdown with the coronavirus situation, we were able to catch up and talk about Music, life and how being vulnerable leads to a stress free life as a person and as a creative. Check out the interview here.


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