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Check Out D.Rimson's Music in the upcoming tv series this month "5th Ward" Starring Mya 

Deryck Rimson has been selected as one of the music composers for a new TV series that airs this month. Stream it on UMC network. Season premiere is on March 2nd.


July 14, 2020

Hello Guys, Just a quick update. I wanted to thank you guys for supporting my album, "New Frame of Mind" Which dropped a week ago. The album has done well so far for a artist/producer that decided to put out some art work without any recent videos besides my latest updated cut of "Saturday Night" that was released along with my album. More music videos will be next in the near future so you guys stay tuned. I just wanted to get on here to thank everyone that decided to be apart of my album including Dell-P from Philadelphia, Guapo Cortez aka Vic Virtuoso From the Group, Coyote. Of course I have to give a shoutout to my...

Good morning family. Happy holiday weekend. Thank you guys for supporting my 3rd album, New frame of mind. It is out now everywhere and also streaming for free on my website and you can purchase the album on all digital outlets. Let me know what you guys think. I will be shooting more videos and will have physical product available very soon. Until then, you guys stay safe and have a great weekend. And also click the album cover here to stream and hit the links to download and stream from other outlets. Love you guys. 

Deryck R. 

Hi Guys, So Its been a minute, but I hope you guys are well and safe since this quarantine. While stuff is starting to slowly open back up, I wanted to release a new project that I'm finally releasing after about three years of working on it. This is my 3rd album "New Frame Of Mind" And it will be released on July 3rd 2020. 

The Album breaks down going inside the mind of a Black man like myself. Since the current events that has been going on in the last few weeks, I guess we might all agree that God has been good to all of us (me especially), and he has been a wonderful guide during my journey despit...

Arc Samples & Sounds.com teamed up to release a sound kit produced and created by Record Producer, D.Rim called “West Coastin’” which is a renamed released sound kit under sound design company "Team Mashn" based out of Los Angeles, CA. Arc Samples has brought you the true sounds of Southern California: “West Coastin” - Inspired by the legends of the West Coast like Dj Quik, Dj Battlecat, Daz Dillinger, Warren G, and Dr. Dre. signature Snares handcrafted and designed by Producer D.Rim that is used in his own records and inspired by his favorite producers that he studied growing up such as, J Dilla, and Pharrell Williams...

April 4, 2020

So I wanna talk about this thing called being a DJ. Before I dive deep into this topic, I just wanna say this is More than just being a DJ. But mostly learning how to understand life as a creative and life as a music lover. But also seeing yourself as a artist that loves to create a vibe that people have never experienced before. 

As of This month, marks a year that I’ve taken a DJ gig at Millennium skate world. One of the best skating rinks in the Tri-State area. This rink is located in Camden, NJ. Literally across the bridge from Philadelphia, PA. 

I began working there in the winter of 2019. two friends of mines that w...

March 24, 2020

Welcome to my March 2020 updates on my website. I hope you guys are doing well and safe since we're experiencing something bizarre with this quarantine week or weeks.

This month I’m gonna continue my journey as a producer and artist while working on future projects that I will announce in the near future. And also will include how I’m living normally.

As of now, I’ve been preparing to produce another album and also put out my own Production Albums. One guy that I’ve met when I was 11 years old when I first moved to California was a singer named, Brandon Winbush who has performed on stage and recorded with every major arti...

February 13, 2020

You grew up hearing about the greatness of Malcom X, Dr.King, Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks etc. but you never got to meet these people. You were exposed to their greatness before you even looked at a documentary or read a newspaper or a book on them. From that, I’ve became obsessed with these people without being in that era. Going to the civil rights museum was a goal for me to accomplish and I did at a younger age. They were known as people I was inspired by.

When someone comes up to you and say something just as small as, “I stood next to Malcom X years ago.. or I stood next to Dr.King years ago.” To “I got a boxing less...

February 10, 2020

Eight Songs have been added in a spotify compilation album By Music Of the Sea.

 Song List Below and Volumes Listed. Between Vol. 1-11 

1. Blessing Me' - Terrie Rimson - Tasty Tunez, Vol.6

2. Sophisticated - Instrumental Version - Tasty Tunez, Vol.6

3. Rock To Morning - Instrumental Version - Tasty Tunez, Vol.5

4. Dance With Me - Tasty Tunez, Vol.5

5. Letting Her Go - Tasty Tunez, Vol.9

6. Lost Her - Instrumental Version - Tasty Tunez, Vol.1

7. Blessin' Me - Instrumental Version - Tasty Tunez, Vol.1

8. Lost Love - Instrumental Version - Tasty Tunez, Vol.11 

February 1, 2020

Some photos of me going to staples. Very weird time for me. So much I will say but I’ll let the photos speak. Thank you Kobe. 

February 1, 2020

For starters, Welcome back to my website. Later on updates on how I'm coming with my music and shows will be updated soon but as of now... While I spend my birthday in L.A. it has been a different type of birthday celebration for me...

So I told myself I wasn’t gonna be afraid to address the Kobe situation but I have been. I just got back from L.A. for a show I’ve done with my mom and crazy and blessed to say today is my birthday and even though I thank God for life, I also thank God for the people he allowed me to meet and talk to before they left this earth. I wasn’t home in cali when Nip died and I honestly never met...

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