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Blog # 3 Political Functions Vol.2 (My Letter To Hillary Clinton)

Dear Hillary Clinton,

This election made me respect and honor you. You did something that nobody is daring to try. As a real man that is totally for women’s rights. Everybody should have a equal opportunity to lead in this country in any field you choose no matter what gender, background or race you are. My inspiration to create and stay creative comes from a woman and from a woman that believes in herself especially with big goals and dreams. People can say their opinion and they are subject to do so and I’m not going to disrespect nobody’s choice but I feel like you deserve a lot of respect than you have gotten the last few months. This election wasn’t political it was Obviously personal. Me Learning about politics, I wasn’t this confused in my life about how this wasn’t about politics but more about personal issues regarding everyone’s personal life which has nothing to do with running a country. But I must say you’re a fighter and a trooper and I totally respect you as a woman, a human wanting to lead and as a wife too. And I say this to all women. I’m not here to advertise a pro women only campaign but don’t let nobody make you feel low of yourself. I’m blessed to have a Mom. and I’m blessed to have other older women that I call mom that work hard to raise their children and go to work for hours to put money in their accounts on a weekly basis. When you take a leap of faith you’re gonna be looked down, “dogged” out and disrespected but its a few of us out here that are actually inspired by you all. Good luck with Everything senator and I hope to meet you one of these days. But I will respect Donald Trump while he’s in office because its just the RIGHT thing to do. That’s what I wanted from other people when President Barack Obama was in office but we didn’t get that for 8 years. I didn’t get that from friends, school teachers nor people I honestly network with in my career choice, which is the Music Industry. so it will be wrong for me to disrespect Mr.Trump and his family. because Invanka and Melania are both women at the end of the day. So Love you Senator Clinton. Be blessed! You’re the Real MVP in my eyes….. D.RIMson

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