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My appearance on ESPN’s Sportscenter “Vision Over Sense”

Preview starts here : Vision over sense :

This is not to brag this is to encourage.

I had this dream of meeting Michael Jordan ever since I was 5. My grandma sent me space jam and I wanted to play basketball then she sent me a copy of “Michael Jordan’s playground” and I became a fan and started speaking “I’m gonna meet Michael Jordan one day”

The thing about having a crazy imagination is simple, only you understand it and God only gave it to you. Sharing with people which includes your family members and friends from school can damper your dreams that’s only meant for you.

Big mistake I made early. I bragged about it to family. My family never met a celebrity in their life. When I went to school, my teachers and classmates mocked it. Until I kept speaking it and it happened. Don’t let people kill your dreams or your imagination it’s in your head for a reason.


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