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Don’t finesse your way to Success

God has blessed me because I decided to go through the process instead of trying to finesse my way to success.

In short. I’ve been invited to join the recording academy as a voting member recently and the criteria has changed since years before. A lot of the what they’re looking for is basically similar to what “major” artists or labels already have. I happen to not have any affiliation to a major label. But I focused on building a brand and being consistent with posting content everyday and releasing beat tape albums and music on a consistent basis.

The academy also looks at if you’re touring, or charting anywhere. As I stated. I have not charred on billboard yet but I’ve been on a lot of independent charts overseas. This also came from the success of my independent label as a producer.

People think being successful is moving to a big market or trying to get a co-sign from a major artist or someone famous. We live in the era of content creation. We don’t live in the era of clout chasing and finding a major label to sign you anymore times are different. The “DIY” is in active mode and my advice to artists is to not be afraid to put yourself out there without looking for a handout. Everybody that’s major and iconic were and still are independent. Just a testimony to share with you all.

I didn’t get accepted because of likes & followers and I got accepted because I was consistent in building a brand, a catalog and a name for myself without major help. Get it done creatives !!

New Album is on Pre-Order on ITunes & Amazon Now. Out September 17th!


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