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Deryck's First Music Video (A Fool To Care) Drops on New Years Day 2017

Deryck Rimson better known as artist producer name (D.RIM) will release his first ever Music video on VEVO/Youtube, and Facebook on New years day. the Music video is in post production and will be dropping on the Evening of New years Day. The Music video will illustrate Deryck's true feelings as a lyricist outside of just being behind the scenes as a record producer for local acts in both the L.A and Greater New York Area. Deryck is mostly known for being a musician and also being one of the hottest beat making, songwriting producers in NY from performing in various competitions and also being one of the producers for his Mom (Terrie Rimson's) New single "Blessin' Me" that is getting major attention with various genres outside of just Gospel. Now he is doing some double duty with this song by producing the record from top to bottom and adding his artistry and songwriting on top of it. The East coast raised but West coast inspired artist is getting major attention from various hip hop blogs and a overseas radio station that is currently playing "Fool to care" On their internet stations. From the wonderful transition of smooth chords, talkbox melodies and the pulling of a sample from the Legendary "James taylor" to add Deryck's better known as D.RIM's story telling about his dating life and past heartbreak of visuals that he has experienced that is being put into a five minute music video that was shot in a recording studio. Deryck Told the engineers and his videographer, (Austin Hein). That he just wanted a video that can look and sound authentic to viewers and something that came from the heart without having too many props and too many locations. Just one simple studio music video will be perfect to tell his story the way he wants to tell it. Which Deryck has kept his team updated on this being a lead up to Deryck's next album which he said will be a spin off from this single "A fool to care." I guess we can all say simplicity means everything to Deryck even though his creativity can make him push the envelope a lot further if you let him. Plus a good heartbreak or a wake up call in life can reveal a good story. "I was always told to just be honest.", Deryck said while preparing for his mom's finale show for her tour just on Sunday. He also went on to say, "It's not my job to get everyone to listen and understand because some people won't get it. This song was honestly a song that I wasn't trying to push, because as a man we all have insecurities and me rapping is one of those insecurities. Yet I knew I could rap and sing I just didn't want to be in the spotlight like that, but I had thoughts in my head and the only person that can get it out the way I want it out is myself." Deryck has been inspired by being in school and being around people that supported him to be great one day. And as he takes Steve Harvey's Advice on learning how to "Jump" He has admitted that him actually sitting back and realizing him shooting his own music video and releasing it through his own record label by using his own money is something that didn't sink in till he told us recently, "I'm actually jumping and didn't know I actually did." I see its time to enjoy the Journey along with him. Congrats again Mr.Rimson

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