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BLOG # 1 Political Functions Vol.1 (The Lost Gentleman)

It’s been a week since the Inauguration. And I wrote something the day of that I didn’t share on Facebook. Usually thats the platform to express yourself but for now since I’ve created a inspiration blog on my thoughts and what I think about everyday life I shall share it on here.

January 22nd, 2017 (My Respect For Women)

“My momma told me I have a voice. So I just wanna address this photo. Because I hate how the media overreacts to visuals and photos but I can’t front. I have to understand sometimes you can’t cover up the obvious. If I was told to say something nice about this photo I wouldn’t have nothing nice to say. One Because I was raised to treat a woman right no matter how she treats me. If we got into a big ass argument in private I wouldn’t disrespect you in public. Now I get it we just had the women’s march just a couple days ago and I totally respect equal rights and human rights for women. I feel its needed because women deserve to be treated the same way if they put in long hours as well or have dreams and a vision to be great. However I feel like this is the problem that we continue to face. The lack of QUALITY You lovely beautiful women continue to go after. Which is the reason why we keep getting photos like these and why we have idiotic reality tv shows and Why women are being disrespected in our music. Not saying we’re perfect cause every man including myself, We have our moments, but I feel like Women birthed the world so we should respect that at all times. But looking at this photo I felt so bad for first lady Melania.. I really did, all that joking about her not talking right and her stealing Michelle Obama’s Speech and her just being a trophy to President Trump, all that goes out the window because all I care about is the fact that she’s a woman first. No matter if she married president trump for his money she is still a woman first. I would of never let this lady get out of the car by herself and not help her up the stairs.. My next excuse for President Trump was, “Maybe they had guards to help her out the car and up the steps.” Man I’m done making excuses because I’m trying to respect the chair which I will. It’s important we rally behind who is in charge out of respect and for the goodness of your life. but we gotta respect these women people. Ain’t no money in the world no matter if we married, Dating, Just friends, Stuck in the friend zone or “F Buddies” thats going to stop me from opening up a girl’s car door or helping her out of the car, holding her hand up the steps, Or making sure she is safe. This is why Men in this day in age we get intimidated by “Strong Women” and why Women are sick of nonsense No matter what ethnicity you are because we are afraid to step up to the plate sometimes and we continue to do crazy things like you see in this photo. I’ve learned I don’t care and don’t give a damn if women call me “too nice” or “Geeky” or “nerdy” for being too nice to a woman but I know how I treat women is how I’m going to be treated back and respected back when I’m married to the woman of my dreams. I’m praying for our new First lady and every woman out there! Please know your worth. I respect sexuality as well but you’re more to this world than just a beautiful body and this is coming from a honest man that has his sexual thoughts 24/7 but I’m learning its so much value in a woman that goes unnoticed that we all should appreciate. Thats all.. Had to put a post out to promote my new Publishing Company that I just launched this week along with new music attached soon ;) Love you guys! Be blessed! “

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