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Shopping For Music Every Week is Therapy For Me

From now on, I will start posting throwback thursday post and also new blog post every other friday if not every friday. Thanks to God I've been busy lately but have a lot to say when I have time to let it out other than just writing songs and producing music. Today I took another trip to my local record store where I constantly shop for Samples (Vinyl) or in my generation.. (CDs) And its really my therapy throughout the week while I'm in class or studying. Living in jersey, Not too far from New York and minutes from Philadelphia, PA, it can be too quiet. It's good but in some cases it can be boring and depressing when you're thinking too much. You need some type of energy around you. For me shocking to know its crazy weather in this month of February. As we're looking at 70 Degrees. Never heard of that before in the east coast but I guess we can say the world is changing and I'm okay with that. Every week my daily routine is going to my favorite local record store which is not too far from the starbucks that I go to everyday when I'm doing homework or leaving class. Having a option to go to the record store can take my mind off a lot of stress and find me inspiration so I don't have production block throughout the week. Used Cds and used Vinyl happened

to be the best Product, you'll be totally surprised! Be on the lookout for my new works inspired by what I listen to and shop for at the record store "Tunes" located in South Jersey. Some say buying music is outdated and played out since we have moved into a streaming model and artists giving away free music. I'm also included in this because my album "Change Of Plans" Is for free. But Do I want to keep taking the chance the rapper approach and keep giving away music for free? I mean its a good thing but eventually if the music is too good then your art should have a price tag next to it at some point. I mean if the music is worth buying then you will buy it. This is why I love going to independent record stores. I grew up collecting so much music that I'm dying to get the rest of my cd's out of my storage in California. Buying a classic used record for under $5 and vinyl from the 70s for $1 and as you see in the pics that are been taken you get a deal if you buy 10. So lets just say if you check my home studio I'm gonna need some new crates because I just about bought up half of the store or made them some good money during the week. Some things about music will always remain the same such as longevity and quality. Shopping for vinyl the quality in the music is amazing and it keeps me inspired and also astute to the production game. When its time to spoil myself to buy a classic cd from my childhood I will do that as well but its good to listen to records that I haven't heard before to keep me in a learning mind frame at all times. In conclusion buying albums and Cd's is a wonderful feeling. When I step into a record store I feel like a little kid again when my mom took me to the virgin music store. If the music is good and worth buying people will be in line to buy it. This is a open mind situation based on what I felt today and every week that has kept my grades up and kept me creative thanks Be to God. But searching for music and being educated on musicianship is good therapy for me. Can't wait to hear more.

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