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"Letting Her Go" from Deryck Rimson's Produced album "Change of plans" went

Soundcloud Link To "Letting Her Go"

From a heartbreak experience to making music, I've had a passion for producing at 19 and I never picked up a machine or scored a piece of music but I was blessed to listen to music and be trained to direct even though I was a full time working musician. By the time I got to twenty one. I wrote my first song that is due to be released in the future. What got me into songwriting was trying to escape heartbreak and turmoil that hit my life on a consistent basis. So consistent that I would go into depression. I wouldn't tell anybody because I was afraid people wouldn't understand. Being a man and having feelings is a tough battle to fight within yourself because every man has a ego and sometimes to keep that under the table we try to hide it by running to things that don't matter when it comes to music. Such as saying messages that aren't true to us or faking like we're okay when we're not. Seeing myself fall in love one time was a beautiful thing but also a painful struggle. It's days I think about it and realize. "What could of been?" And sometimes figuring out why god is changing things doesn't make you the blame of it. By writing this article on this accomplishment that a few friends in the industry has told me. "You should really sit and actually embrace the fact that another country has your record #1 on a internet radio station" it's not big to major artists but to a independent that's a milestone. Being this is my first record. The mixtape album of change of plans. Which Two songs that happened to be #BlackLove & Letting Her Go. Black Love was basically a spin off track from Letting Her Go to break down my experience with racism that has played a part in my love life at one time and in this world today it can be frustrating to get people, your friends, other families, and business people to see past your skin color but sometimes words aren't enough for close minded traditional people. Usually through art. I can get my point across and hopefully people are able to pay attention. In this album I didn't think people were going to pay attention all I cared about was that hopefully I was okay with just saying what was on my mind. And me being okay with it moving on. And with records like, African Savage, Black Love, Letting Her Go and Fool to Care. It gave me confidence to let out more frustration later but to inspire of course and not intimidate. But make the art and what we all love to do more like therapy and not like a Job you don't like.

Eventually my heartbreak has turned into art and it landed me a #1 record on a radio playlist overseas. I used to hear that a lot about being honest can take you places. I was in a dark place. And I wanted to tell my truth without being bitter. Music is the outlet that has kept me out of trouble and also out of situations that included my moods and temper from getting out of hand. Usually when you experience love. It can be dangerous if you're not with the right person that is willing to protect your heart and your feelings like you do to them. Relationships is a oneness and not a partnership. You can't make a omelet with a one egg that's rotten. Eventually you're gonna have a rotten omelet. Before shit gets rotten. Letting Go isn't easy but it's really worth it. I'm still understanding this as I get older but looking at how I'm blessed to be 25. It's good to see and visualize your future without 1, no distractions and/or 2, regretting "what could of been". Throughout my thought process on this. I'm blessed to be able to start somewhere and hopefully I can get to billboard next. Love you guys. Thank you for supporting me and my first album "change of plans" Thanks to my brother KYs, we are also working on more music and releasing new videos. Which is a spin off from the record with our group "Soul Official" with our single "friend zone" feat Christian Deneá. And the full album that is out now. (love and everything that comes with it, A short love story) which was due Valentine's weekend of 2017. Available everywhere on all digital outlets. Thanks to everyone at popkiller out of Poland for supporting me showing me love and also to Tomasz Przytula for playing my records and also reviewing video "A fool to care" as well. Much Love.


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