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#MotivationMonday CEO and Record Producer that was Identified as the Kobe Fan that Played Michael Jo

A short blog that talks about my experience playing on the court with Michael Jordan. ( In My Own Words that might be typo honest.

) This is a dream come true to think about it everyday. This has helped me get my name out there on social media which has inspired my album based on connecting with Michael Jordan for ten summers at his basketball camp. Now I'm 25 and blessed to say, I've used the tools of playing basketball to better my life as a composer and record producer. To everyone with a dream, I've heard people say the cliche, "If you have a dream then, follow it and it will come true." Or all of that crazy BS that I thought was BS. But its not BS. Its really true. I had a vision and it really happened and it can happen for you too. I saw Michael Jordan more as just an NBA legend, a World Champion, a MVP, the Greatest player in the world. I saw this guy as the one of the best people ever, as a CEO. Coming from a aspiring CEO just talking to him and getting to connect with him took my career a long way confidence wise and this is the season for taking risks and networking. Even if you look like a idiot like I did, (Wearing a kobe Jersey) was my risk but a lot of people don't know I've been going to his camp for 10 summers and he knew who I was and the Lakers happen to win the NBA championship that year, and I'm not the only one that doesn't own a authentic chicago bulls Michael Jordan Jersey that we are currently wearing on the street. But anyway, Dreams have got me to this point and thanks to the Billionaire its time to stay hungry and happy and also inspired. Be blessed everyone, I will share more about this story in the future but until then Enjoy the video and be on the look out for my new music video, African Savage that will be out in May the 26th of this year. Love you guys

Deryck Rimson

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