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The moment that I realized Hip Hop should forever be appreciated by seeing two albums at a Barnes &a

Once again, this is unedited, don't mind the typos, but I wanted to write freely on this. So my random Monday motivational post Goes to Dr.Dre. I was in Barnes & Noble doing some book shopping and I ran across a couple of albums that were in the vinyl section in front of the store. It happened to be the Chronic album & the Compton Soundtrack. They don't sell music based on genre it's just a vinyl section and most of the music was Taylor swift, Adele's 25, Keith urban, Luke Bryan, little big town to name a few (My favorite Country Artists btw) but us as blacks or hip hop fans in general, we don't appreciate great hip hop music when it's in front of us. When something we grew up on and relate to is for the world to see around the globe, no matter what race you are. The world appreciates real music and real lyrics. It's nothing wrong with having fun. Nobody wants to listen to serious music all of the time. I've been there so I know that feeling it gets annoying. But this is a whole gangsta rap 90s classic with weed as the theme and it's sold at a major bookstore. I don't smoke but I don't judge people that do and that album "the chronic" changed my life as a hip hop fan, and a musician. That's history being made and history that i'm holding in my hand with these two albums. Salute to Hip Hop. Salute to Dr Dre for teaching me how to be innovative. I remember when he said, Major labels refused to distribute the chronic album when he first presented it to the labels. Now it's in a barnes and noble book store. When you're innovative you're gonna get a thousand no's before you get one major yes. And to hear that story about Dr.Dre being told no to now fast forwarding to 25 years later seeing one major Hip Hop albums being put on major shelves and another classic album shows that Hip Hop is important and educational. I've had to learn when also being innovative, you have to understand your motive. The fact that I waked into a Barnes and Noble and saw a classic hip hop album as a fan, I just appreciated the fact that us as Hip Hop artists, our voice is really important and people do listen to us when we know what we're talking about. No matter if it's weed, drugs, women, life in the hood, or the struggle, you name it. If the message is clear no matter if we like it or not. People listen. That's why I appreciated albums like "the miseducation of Lauryn Hill" because as a fan it spoke volumes to see her win "Album of the year" at the Grammys. That album spoke to me personally. That's why I still play it today. That's why Kendrick Lamar's "Pimp to Butterfly" is still a classic record because it spoke to us. And it meant more to see he earned 8 Grammy nominations out of it and 5 wins. And to see him express himself on that Grammy stage. But this chronic album And the Compton soundtrack being in a bookstore just shows that people were listening and appreciated a real album and the message that we had to say, people were listening. That's the only thing I didn't like about this generation of hip hop. The question you have to ask yourself is, is the music worth listening to for me to buy it, for me to advertise in a book store, or for me to play at starbucks? Sometimes all turn up records are not worth listening to. It's no message. You can't understand people. It's fun but is it innovative? this taught me a lot and thanks to Dr.Dre I know I'm on the right path preparing for this party. It's a innovative way that I produce and DJ and I can't wait to showcase real feelings that's what this party is about feelings and having a good time expressing ourselves as artists. I'm playing this album in my DJ Set at the party on the 26th and some classic records that I can't wait to spend. Don't worry it's not gonna be dreadful I've looked up to the classic party days and that's where the inspiration comes from, see you guys soon!! #Goals #Label #AfricanSavage 

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