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#FlashBackFriday Exclusive Behind the Scenes Footage Of "African Savage" Music Video Feat.

Welcome Back, This is Deryck Rimson here and today is flashback friday and since I'm going to be releasing my single for free by itself via soundcloud and for free download I wanted to also give you guys a exclusive behind the scenes look at my trip to Los Angeles when I shot African Savage with my brother J RieLa and his band 12/12 back in early February of 2017. Hope you guys enjoy the behind the scene footage. This trip was much needed. It was my first time actually doing something on my own and having the help of a wonderful team around me. And to make this more crazy, it was my first time meeting everyone on set except for maybe 2 to 3 people that I went to school with, Everyone else, it the first time I met this talented group of individuals who taught me a lot as well. We even took the fun to Applebee's and had some type of sing along and had people listening to us. Just those days of new connections and networks paid off. And it produced a awesome music video and a awesome Release party.

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