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The Making Of Deryck's 2nd single from the "Change Of Plans" Production Album "Af

Hello Guys, So It's been a while, but I wanted to say hi and give you guys a exclusive on my latest work that has been released. My new music video African Savage, as you seen on my welcome page is out now and the song comes along with my free album "Change of plans". But I know its some people that want just the single by itself so me and my team did a little bit of work to make sure the single is powerful and hitting hard in your eardrums so we decided to remaster the single and have it by itself for free since the album is for free and hoping you guys enjoy the new music. The song of course is produced by myself featuring J RieLa. I did a little bit of talking in the videos from the time I was working on the album and the song up until the time I captured some documentary footage of my trip to Los Angeles, Ca for the video shoot. I was asked what inspired the song. It's a lot of things that have inspired me lately ever since I started to work on this album. It was a lot of mixed emotions going into making this album. A wonderful experience that was. Being a producer or a artist especially a songwriter, it's important to tap into all of your senses when creating. And at the time all I could think about it is of course break ups, relationships and personal life that I have seen in front of my eyes rather that was good or bad that I will dive into later on. This record was really inspired by three separate situations. One situation was based on a hip hop record that I grew up listening to back in the early 2000s, a girl that I used to be in love with that moved on and another girl that sends mix signals. I know that sounds like a bad recipe for disaster and confusion but it produced the best work that I've done on my own. Thanks to listening to "All about the Benjamins" and those drum sounds that D.Dot produced and thinking about that experience with my love life produced "African Savage". This is a honest post, just to talk about the importance of whatever your inspiration is go with it and make art and tell your story.

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