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Regretful Wishes 11:11 Motivation Monday Post

Motivational Monday (In Honor of the defending WNBA champion LA Sparks) : the Day I Met retired Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion, Lisa Leslie and how she spotted my anxiety condition during my last summer at Michael Jordan's basketball Camp. This is really brief but anxiety and having a stuttering problem was my condition as a child. And I've begun to grow out of it around the age of 18. And to be honest it still shows up sometimes. It would take me all day to explain but sometimes I hesitate when I talk sometimes In a conversation full of people. But it took one person to realize that and teach me what to do to overcome that fear of hesitating. It was Olympic gold medalist Lisa Leslie. This was at Michael Jordan's Basketball Camp. This picture was taken right after I was blessed to play with the GOAT, Michael Jordan. And later that afternoon. Lisa Leslie was special guest and did a lecture at the camp that afternoon. After the lecture ended. Lisa was leaving, and I wanted to of course get a picture with her. And she saw I was, hesitating to approach her. "Uhm, may, I get a picture with u.... please?" She saw this shocked look in My eyes. And I don't know what made her want to pull me to the side and talk with me. But she said "Hey, come here, want to talk you about something." And I was kind of shocked for a second. She asked me, "Hey, be honest, do you have a stuttering, hesitation problem?" I said yes mam I do. She told me, "I see you speaking to a lot of people one day. I don't know what it is but you look like you're gonna be in front of people." So she gave me her email address with a note on how to handle my anxiety and speech condition. And what to take and what to do every morning. And when I look back I realize how her talking To me really motivated me this day. Thanks to her seeing something in me. I run my own business, CEO and I'm behind a microphone with my own albums. Yeah the kid with the stuttering problem is writing songs and performing now and doing business deals without hesitating because I realized hesitating is BS. Whenever you get advice from a billionaire and a Olympic gold medalist that says a lot about what God is trying to show you. Just thought I share that testimony. Lisa Leslie may never see this. But it's always one person that you will meet that will inspire your life for the good outside of your great family. So thank you! With this album I decided to use that motivation to be honest and straight forward which helps me overcome some anxiety that I can still face at times but for this, We're all human and suffer with something but I love a challenge and this album shows I've won the game. Be blessed people ! Be yourself and let go and Keep God first ! D.Rim!

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