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Bonus Content Of "Regretful Wishes" October 2nd

Monday is almost here so I decided to make this interesting besides just putting out the album. Monday I'm going to give people the chance to download my album in two ways. You can download it only through the link that will be posted as soon as you get to my website and click on the "music" icon at the top of the web page. Or the 2nd option comes with a song description and album credit sheet that has album credit notes and my story line to each song with a bonus track (Skit) that comes with the album as well. The choice is yours and its up to you. Both are for free! But just as long as you have a chance to listen to the album, its all good with me. I have a goal to reach 500 or more Downloads this year to prepare for future projects later on in the upcoming months, but a little will do as well. It's always good to reach above what you achieved last year. With my first album "Change Of Plans", my goal was just 150 and I hit 230 downloads. Which to "Famous" artist or people that have a heart for famous artist, "That's low" But to me, Thats a lot, knowing that, I didn't do heavy advertisement, or pleaded anybody to go listen plus I didn't do any shows except for my video release in May of last spring that just past. I love paying homage to people that have inspired me to create this album which came from the heart. With that being said, how the 2nd option will work, If you want the bonus content that comes with the album credit and description sheets alone with the bonus tracks, Feel free to subscribe to my mailing list the day of the album release. And the bonus content will be sent to your email address.

But until then, I hope you guys are ready for this release and I will keep you guys posted. Regretful Wishes 11:11! Lets Get It!.

Deryck R.

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