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Song Descriptions For Deryck's Regretful Wishes Album (11:11)

Hello Everyone, While I'm currently in Atlanta producing a album for a R&B artist, I've been blessed to gain some inspiration from a lot of incredible songwriters and it has inspired me to write my descriptions from my album that is out now. Check it out. Enjoy!

Description For Friend Zone

A 2017 Release from the group Soul Official that is written and produced By Deryck Rimson. Song talks about teenage love of a guy loving a girl that wouldn’t give him a chance until they’ve remained friends and the guy asks her out. and at the end of the track, the woman decides to give it a shot. Which proves friend zone can soon turn into everlasting love. The song is also inspired by the same girl he mentioned in the song “Red Rose” when he says “I can’t let it go, Is it because I’m in the friend zone?” This is just part one.

Description For Tore It Apart :

Deryck’s first touches on talking about the experienced heartbreak from a recent ex. Beginning of the skit is a recorded conversation of Deryck trying to contact his ex girlfriend after a argument which the last words she said, before calling her back numerous of times after she didn’t pick up was “Well, I gotta go, I do have a boyfriend.” Which inspired lyrics “I was really loving you, Why you gotta break my heart?…I was really loving you, You Tore It Apart”

Description For Future Friend

Deryck basically begins his step by step process of getting over. In this track, With the help of Recording Artist, Jak Major, Talks about what they look for in the new woman that walks into their life. The Happiness, the career success. But without any pressure towards the new woman, Deryck Understands he sees a future in the new woman that he has been communicating with through social media. They have been friends for the past couple of years and they have reached a connection that no other woman took time out to see during his high school years. You hear examples in the lyrics “You made me regret my school days, Girls didn’t want to take a chance, Unless if its at that school dance, Bad romance, Didn’t get that dream girl in my hands.” This song samples one of Deryck’s Favorite Childhood songs by recording artist “Brandy Norwood” Song titled “Best friend” From her 1994 Self Titled album.

Description For Older Woman Chronicles

Deryck Begins to get a lot more personal in this track, that describes his love for older women. Not too old but you can say lately he’s been keeping it from 3 to really 10 years older in the women he’s communicated with. He understands how a Older woman understands the simple things in life. How you don’t have to go far and beyond to impress her. His recent date with a older woman and a conversation with a 34 year old that told him, she likes long walks in the park, dinner dates and just simple things. And him just saying “You’re beautiful, and have a good day love.” Has won her heart. And also Deryck has developed a crush for a few older women that happen to be celebrities that he wants to keep nameless but they also inspired this track. “Older woman chronicles.”

Description For Harmful November 11:11

Deryck Is now getting comfortable in his honesty where he basically lays it all out on the table regarding his old relationship. As a spin off to “Tore it apart” regarding the calls going to voicemail to weeks later him finding out his first love has found love from someone else on November 11/11/14, which inspired the song and the song/album title (11:11). Teenage love is still love, no matter what age you are. This is the first time Deryck experienced love. He talks about the betrayal of friendship regarding his recent ex moving on from the friendship as well because of her parents not approving of them dating because of his race of him being a african american man. Which soon at the end, the old girlfriend introduced the parents to the new boyfriend after the parents met Deryck, and Told him months prior she wasn’t allowed to date Deryck at all.

Description For Red Rose

We can honestly say this is a spin off to “Friend zone” Maybe? Deryck’s last track on the album, which talks about his love for one of his high school crushes. This girl that happens to still be one of his closest friends. He wants to keep this lady nameless but eventually the world might find out who this lucky lady is that is such a “Red Rose”. They’ve had a long friendship for more than 10 years. And he explains how he hates how he still likes her even though she doesn’t but he just believes in the “What if”. He Still believes that long friendships can lead to a bigger future. Who knows.

Description For (Bonus Track) Tempted Teenager

Deryck Rimson's favorite childhood moments always dates back to his days at basketball camp with his close friends Jarren & Mark who knew about Deryck's long distance relationship the whole two weeks of camp. The last full night, Deryck had to make a decision between staying faithful to his old time girlfriend after she had current contact with a ex boyfriend. Or it was him taking a chance on stepping out with two girls from camp in their dorm room. Basketball camp policy was that the guys wasn't allowed to enter into a girl's dorm room or the campers would be sent home (kicked out). One of the girls that invited Deryck to her room was playing against him in a championship game the next day. Deryck thought it was a set up and didn't want to cheat on his girlfriend despite her turning on Deryck. Deryck at the end decided to stay faithful and not go to the girl's room. Which is something he looks back on and regrets since him and his old girlfriend have went their separate ways and Deryck and the old friend that invited him to his room does not keep in contact anymore.

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