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Studio Album 3?? Why Not!

Hello you guys, So I just came back from L.A. spending some time with my team that I call family to work on another album. I'm not in a frame of mind to think putting out a project and waiting a year to throw out another one is in my DNA. I'm not a patient person and I know the attention span isn't as long as me and my consumers are used to having. Not that I do this for public opinion but I'm honest with myself when I say I create a lot and after I create its more frustrating to sit on creations than just releasing it and people can then pick and choose what moves them. So as I'm in L.A. I'm rapping up another album that I will be releasing soon in 2018, debating on either the late Winter or Early Spring while I'm producing other projects for some artists out in the southern California area. This is just a random post, I don't edit or spell check I love speaking from the heart. So love you guys and stay tuned. More clips will be posted from my sessions on whats coming out next. Be Blessed

Deryck R.

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