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The Eagles Super Bowl Victory taught me how to appreciate the Journey and Not the Destinaton

As quoted from Kobe Bryant in his Retirement speech. The Eagles winning taught me a lot about enjoying

the process and the Journey. I've supported these guys since I was 8. And the rockiest years came after T.O. left to Dallas. The drama and everything. Till 2011. I remember after that 2013 season with the drama with letting go The Trio and the drama with chip Kelly. I thought the Eagles would never catch a break for some reason. And this season I didn't expect us to do perfect overnight so it made me enjoy the journey even more as a fan. But I always said. Lets get into the playoffs. It's a nightmare when you have to see other teams every year play in the playoffs and in the superbowl and you have to constantly put your money on other teams that you don't even like but it's a tradition to watch the NFL playoffs and the superbowl every year. Yet you're Waiting for your Real team to one day be in it. Nevertheless after all of that And not knowing we will get the #1 seed In the NFC and go to the super bowl and out of nowhere go from having the worse three seasons to winning a super bowl is a learning tool for me. I've learned what it's like to be talked about. This team gotten so much criticism from EVERYONE. We lost key players in sproles, Jason Peters and our leading man Carson Wentz. But I knew Nick Foles's Experience was gonna take us back to the promise land. All of that drama happening turned into them being champions. Some things I learned applying to my daily life is bigger than sports. But glad it came from my favorite team !! #FlyEaglesFly!!  P.S. This message also applies to the Lakers. We're gonna wake up and be back in the finals with all of this hell we've went through since the Lakers beat the celtics in 2010. The Eagles last good season before this one was in 2010. When we told everyone. "We miss this eagles team!" Hahaha now we don't gotta say that anymore.

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