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My Malcolm X & Dr.King was Michael Jordan & Kobe.

You grew up hearing about the greatness of Malcom X, Dr.King, Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks etc. but you never got to meet these people. You were exposed to their greatness before you even looked at a documentary or read a newspaper or a book on them. From that, I’ve became obsessed with these people without being in that era. Going to the civil rights museum was a goal for me to accomplish and I did at a younger age. They were known as people I was inspired by. When someone comes up to you and say something just as small as, “I stood next to Malcom X years ago.. or I stood next to Dr.King years ago.” To “I got a boxing lesson from Ali years ago.” It didn’t matter if you talked to them or not. The fact that you stood next to them is enough history for u to tell people 50+ years later. Still till this day hearing a 2pac story or a Biggie, Whitney, prince and Michael Jackson story is something people will stop and will listen to every word just because they were global icons. Just saying you stood by them is something worth hearing and listening to. I must be honest I took these moments for granted because I don’t play basketball like I used to. I Really don’t consider playing again (For workout purposes) since kobe passed. I used to get upset when I tried to push my career but all people wanted to follow me on social media for is that one on one game with Jordan game in a Kobe jersey story. I remember when it went viral in 2014. I went up to 11,500+ followers on IG within 2 months. Cause it was announced on bleacher report and baller alert and celebs started posting it on their pages. But I didn’t wanna be known for that. I wanted to push entertainment and songwriting. That was me since birth. But I realized basketball is just a tool to better your life and give back to others. This I’m learning about Kobe and Jordan. Kobe was known as a ball player but he lived his life fighting to improve people’s mental health. that’s what he succeeded in. The “mamba mentality” was him being a activist for mental health and telling stories to the next generation to live life being fearless. Michael Jordan was the same person. You’re known as a ball player but every generation has to hear your name in any conversation. Now you’re more than just a basketball player. Your air Jordan logo is just as powerful if not powerful than the NBA logo and Nike combined. I must say after the past two weeks, I realized I’m blessed that I was able to not only stand next to the greats but have a conversation with my own version of Malcom X and Dr. King. That was MJ & Kobe. 💯💯🏁 Mamba 4 Ever - new track produced by me will be released 2.24.20 #KobeMemorialDay #ThankU #MambaMentality #GOATs #Educated #BlackHistoryMonth #Appreciation #JordanBdayMonth #AquariusSeason  

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