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Producer Deryck Rimson (D.Rim) Releases his first sound kit through

Arc Samples & teamed up to release a sound kit produced and created by Record Producer, D.Rim called “West Coastin’” which is a renamed released sound kit under sound design company "Team Mashn" based out of Los Angeles, CA. Arc Samples has brought you the true sounds of Southern California: “West Coastin” - Inspired by the legends of the West Coast like Dj Quik, Dj Battlecat, Daz Dillinger, Warren G, and Dr. Dre. signature Snares handcrafted and designed by Producer D.Rim that is used in his own records and inspired by his favorite producers that he studied growing up such as, J Dilla, and Pharrell Williams just to name a few.

Deryck Rimson (D.Rim) has been a sound designer under sound design company "Team Mashn" Since early 2018. He has now released his first sound kit which was finalized last year. Platinum record producer, Keith Clizark who has worked with Snoop Dogg, DJ Battlecat and a lot of west coast legends & Music supervisor, Charlie Mac who has also been instrumental in working with the company founded by Keith Clizark, were the first producers to help push Deryck's career. Charlie Mac was the first music supervisor to push D.Rim's music to the big screen as his first debut for music was heard in a tv series last year titled "Fifth ward" Starring recording artist and grammy nominated singer, Mya Harrison. The sound kit first titled "Beauty in the west Vol.1" is now changed to "West Coastin" inspired by D.Rim's teenage upbringing in the state of Southern California. Check it out at

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