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D.Rimson's New Album "New Frame Of Mind" Released 7.3.20

Hi Guys, So Its been a minute, but I hope you guys are well and safe since this quarantine. While stuff is starting to slowly open back up, I wanted to release a new project that I'm finally releasing after about three years of working on it. This is my 3rd album "New Frame Of Mind" And it will be released on July 3rd 2020.

The Album breaks down going inside the mind of a Black man like myself. Since the current events that has been going on in the last few weeks, I guess we might all agree that God has been good to all of us (me especially), and he has been a wonderful guide during my journey despite a lot of distractions that have went on to start 2020. Which earlier this year, I wrote a note to myself in December of last year that said, "Stay focused and don't let a distraction ruin your year because that carries on into following years." Normally you will hear people say every year, "This is not my year." And when you speak negative, negative continues to happen. I've decided to be around positive energy, people and ultimately, amazing creatives. So with this album, I was already dealing with a lot personally and It clicked and gave me inspiration to talk about what a black man like myself goes through. The album is themed around my return back to the west coast. After spending 10 years out in the north east (Jersey), I've decided to move back home to the west coast (LA/Vegas) where I've grown musically here since the age of 11. As of now, I'm currently trying to get through with school which in 2021 I'll be graduating from Berklee College of Music if the lord says the same, which I'm sure he will. And this will be dedicated to my grandma who was praying for me to get a degree before she passed in 2018. While I'm doing that I decided to see what its like to live life as a off-campus college student. This album basically talks about me dealing with the pressures of dating, racial problems in America, to problems in the work place, trying to please your people and also please others as well. Black men basically deal with a lot and sometimes no matter what they do, its always something that isn't good enough. Black men face mental battles daily to be the best version of themselves and also to not feel like whatever they do isn't good enough. Some call it insecurity, but I say, without insecurity, you can't grow from anything. I just decided to talk about it in my album and I hope you guys check it out. On this album I've decided incorporate my DJ skills alongside my production and collaborate with some amazing artists that I was blessed to network with over the last couple of years who shared the same stories and also similar experiences as I did. And also it was some experiences that I never been apart of but I was able to be open minded which helped my creative process. Here are the updated releases that I hope you guys check out in July.

1. My Deluxe Version (Story Book) which includes skits from the album which will also be available everywhere but mainly on my website

2. Just the songs only which that would be available as well

3. My updated version of "Saturday Night" Music video will be released as well and the extended mix of the single will be on my album that is new and hasn't been heard before.

With that being said, my album is out on the July 3rd and let me know what you guys think when it drops and also check out my new single off the album "Let the show begin." Featuring Dell-P. More updates later. Love you guys


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