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My Dream of eliminating The "middle man" Thank you for supporting my album !

Hello Guys, Just a quick update. I wanted to thank you guys for supporting my album, "New Frame of Mind" Which dropped a week ago. The album has done well so far for a artist/producer that decided to put out some art work without any recent videos besides my latest updated cut of "Saturday Night" that was released along with my album. More music videos will be next in the near future so you guys stay tuned. I just wanted to get on here to thank everyone that decided to be apart of my album including Dell-P from Philadelphia, Guapo Cortez aka Vic Virtuoso From the Group, Coyote. Of course I have to give a shoutout to my brothers, J RieLa, Blake Holmes and Tbzey. Also I want to give my roses to the lovely queens on my album as well. Luvie J & Alexxa Seewi.

The album is basically about a black man waking up everyday feeling pressured to live his life to make others happy and not himself. We've been through it all with being called "Sell-outs" to "Racial slurs." and also trying to please our own people on a daily basis. I've admitted on social media that I have had a lot of "Turn back" moments. I've released a album and finished my junior year of college going into my graduation year and I still felt unhappy. But I learned, Happiness is the way. My job is to spread the message through my art. I know one day big records will come but, I love being a A&R/Producer and collaborating with artists that I really want to work with. And the funny thing is, the people on my album are just on their way to greatness as well. Shoutout to "Coyote" for releasing a new single with Blueface, titled "yea yea" on Friday. And also debuting at #33 on the billboard chart for the west coast slapper "Hood Rat". This is the same group that decided to get on my album months before their records were getting heavy radio play. Also shoutout to Dell-P who has a lot of buzz out in the Philly area who also got me to debut my song on syndicated radio out in the Philly/Jersey area. This type of approach has taught me how to eliminate the middle man. Sometimes to get big artists you have to go through management and labels. Coyote happens to be signed to "Wack 100" who also manages the Game, Blueface, and a few others. But I must say to all dreamers, That time for going through the middle man is ending. I don't believe in "independent" artists. I just believe every artist that makes real art is just an artist. and I'm thankful for every artist that helped make my dream a reality! More videos on the way, stay connected with me. Love you guys!

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