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Reposted Article : How Music For the Roller Rink Impacted The Club By Soul on Wheels

Hello guys. It's been a minute. I hope you guys are doing well. Just a quick reminder, I've been planning some shows as of recent. Mainly outside of producing I do DJ and I've been a skate DJ within the skate community for quite some time which has prepared me for the club scene out here in Las Vegas. I believe the DJs at the skating rink are the best DJs on the planet because of the variety of styles that are required when keeping skaters on the floor for a 3 hour session. Mostly like being at a club but honestly more challenging. But I've been blessed to be around a lot of gifted DJs. As a producer that loves to dissect music. This has been therapeutic for me as a musician and I can't wait to share my talents with you all in Camden, NJ at MSW where I will be the DJ for their adult night on Friday night on halloween eve. Tickets go on sale on October 26th. Set a reminder so you guys can hear me rock out for you dope skaters out there. Love you guys. See you soon and on top of that, celebrate the release of my new EP, "Black Mentality" that debuts everywhere for streaming and digital downloading. So on the 26th I will post a link for tickets on my show updates so make sure yaw get your tickets when tickets go on sale.

See you guys soon.

Deryck R. (D.Rim)

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