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My New Album "Regretful Wishes (11:11)" in the works for October Release

Open book : Regretful wishes 11:11 description Hello Everyone, Happy Tuesday and prayers going out to Everyone in the state of Texas especially to some of my family that are in or near the city of Houston and other cities near the area. With that being said, I have not be on in a while. I usually update my subscribers on what's new monthly. So here it goes. My New album is in the works and is up to be released in the month of early October. The album is titled "Regretful wishes 11:11" and majority of this album is performed lyrically by myself. With one to two features which includes the single from my group "Soul Official" Titled "Friend zone". The last album was full production and one full song performed by myself but I will go back to that on the next album. This album, I don't mind telling everyone, it's feelings that are bottled in my brain that I want to get off my chest regarding heartbreak, racism, relationships, new beginnings and, just my life of what has been a journey from living in California to moving to The East Coast. This will uncover majority of what needs to be said so I can move on with my life. And I'm okay with people liking it or not liking it. But the thing about being a artist is that, it comes from self expression and not from people's opinions. If I do it for those reasons then I'm on the right track. Be on the lookout for my honest album number 2. The last one was good and I appreciate everyone that took time to download it. I did not just go out passing out mixtapes or albums. But I gave people the option and a lot of people supported so I want to make sure this is bigger on my end as far as how I put this album together from start to finish so you all can enjoy listening to my story from both production and also me from behind a microphone as weird as that sounds. Because I thought I would never sing or rap. Thank you again. Love you Guys, Be blessed and safe out there and keep God First ! D.Rim  

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