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My love for Music Videos "Behind the Inspiration Of Saturday Night Upcoming Music Video."

It's past Valentine's Day But I thought I should talk about the art of a woman right ? Women is a big inspiration to my art. It's a lot of attributes of God that we choose to ignore and the art of a woman is one of them. I'm soon going to be releasing my 4th music video that I'm really proud of doing. This music video is inspired by my love for music videos that I've grew up seeing as a kid. Those music videos that had amazing music and amazing women in the videos that had that slow motion footage and you had like Puff or Pharrell dancing or being featured in those videos. That's something I always wanted to do. So of course the mindset of thinking, "I gotta wait until someone discovers me." Or "I gotta wait until I meet the right director that has those connections to shoot a high budget video." When I wanted to get it done without waiting for a handout. Blessed to say I've connected with the same director that has shot my last two videos. "African Savage" and "Fool To Care". I was able to take this leap of faith and fly back to L.A. And shoot my first big budget video in both downtown and in Hollywood. only difference about this video that, it's really no difference honestly. It was the focus points That I wanted added in this shoot. This shoot wasn't a shoot where I tell myself "Yeah this is the best shoot ever" but it's a shoot that was so amazing that I want to do better than this. The focus points of telling the director everything that inspired me to create a song. What interest me in a woman, what do I love seeing her in when she walks by me ? Or what makes me want to go up to her and call her beautiful ? Usually a red dress or high heels would be the answer to that question right ? I wanted a classy video. I do wish I did more but I forgot that the song was only 3 minutes and 58 seconds so I couldn't fit everything in there but the main things I've pictured in my crazy imagination was in this video and I'm blessed to see this right before my eyes. I hope everyone checks it out when it releases. I'm pushing to release the video on April 27th this year. And hopefully drop the single along with the video that will be for sell on my site and will drop on iTunes and all other digital outlets which also includes streaming. Thank you guys. 

Love, D.Rimson 

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